What are the panels made of?

Panels are made of wooden materials, covered by natural wood, concrete, or unique surfaces of choice. We only use materials from forests planted for production with FSC certification. The glue and surface protection materials used are environmentally friendly.

What technology is used to make the panels?

The bent panels are made by curving thin, multilayered covers with a hollow core or filled with acoustic insulation, with a hidden strong and stable support frame structure. The bent surface is resistant and robust. The shaping technology is our own innovation. Though we use advanced machines during production, the essence of the panels lie in the unique and artistic craftwork.

How heavy are the panels?

The panels weigh 6-12 kg/sqm

Can the panels be used outdoors or in damp environments, e.g. indoor pools?

Currently, only concrete and antique iron-covered panels may be used for outdoor placement – please indicate your need in advance, as these require a different production process.

Do the panels have designable 3D models?

Yes, the designs are downloadable here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3s8x6jbrh7xrjoc/AADwTATrUg04qwPA2i3mqgEAa?dl=0

Delivery and installation

We deliver panels globally. They are enclosed in unique, safe packaging, and are professionally prepared for installation. Mounting only requires screws, rawlplugs, and a drill; we offer all other suspensory equipment as well as detailed instructions. Installation of even the largest panels do not require more than a few hours by two or three workers. We also offer on-site installation services globally, per customer request.

Can the panels be installed on ceilings?

Yes, they can, as they are lightweight.

Samples and colors

We discuss and send wood samples at ordering. Small samples are not possible to be sent.

How can I get a quote for an item?

Request a quote about the panel you are interested in via info@szepbutor.hu. Please also indicate the size and material (wood or concrete) in the email. We will answer shortly!

What is the process of ordering?

After discussing all details and accepting our offer, we conclude a contract. When the panel has been made, we send photos and videos of it to you, then we securely pack and send it. If needed, we offer consultation regarding installation – though this is quite easy – or we deliver and install the panels for you.

How long will production take?

Usually 5-8 weeks, but it may take longer for large or unique, newly designed panels. Actual production time will be indicated in our offer.

Is it possible to purchase from stock?

Yes, a few panels are usually available at our showroom, but please plan on individual production, as stock is limited.

Is it possible to produce a single unique copy only for me?

Yes, we make “Single copy” certified panels. We design these individually in cooperation with you, present them in photorealistic designs, produce them, then destroy the templates, documenting the process on video. We do not produce the panel for anybody else ever again, thus yours will truly be the only specimen!

Is it possible to use other surfaces, patterns or logos?

Yes, if requested we produce panels with other surfaces, patterns or logos. Please request these at info@szepbutor.com

Ábrahám Műhely Kft.
Ábrahám Műhely Kft.


Ábrahám Műhely Kft. (Abraham Workshop LLC), and its legal predecessor, has been present in the furniture industry since 1988.

We produce wood and veneered furniture and our references appeart in several famous buildings, both in and outside of Hungary, from Austria to Australia. Our primary orientation is wood bending, be it three dimensional surfaces, arched wooden railings and stairs, or curved furniture.
Since 2004, we have been working almost exclusively for carpenter and interior designer companies, contributing to high quality interior design plans, e.g., we played a key role in the implementation of various Design Award winning plans. In 2001, we were awarded the prestigious title of “Carpenter of the Year”.

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